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Bee Hunter / Vino Philo LLC

Happy Huntin!!!

Build your own packages and send wine as gifts to your favorite people. Check out our Winemakers' choice gift packages! We all get to enjoy the fruits of our land with locals, visitors, neighbors, family and friends. It's time to celebrate with 🐝  Bee Hunter Wine  🍷  so join the Club today!

You're invited to join our Pinot Noir, Red, White, Mixed or Buddha Club and pick up your 6-12 bottles at the Tasting Room. Magnum Clubs are also available and 30% off discounts go to anyone who chooses to add Magnums to their original club purchase.


Cheers to you and yours from all of us in Boonville,
Ali, Andy & Bee Hunter Team

Bee Hunter Wine
7680 Hwy 128,
Philo, CA 95466
T: 707-895-3995
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